Fundamentals of Stem Cell Practice TRAINING COURSE


AAICT provides the "Fundamentals of Stem Cell Practice" training course that will cover the following topics, although not limited to:

 - Basic stem cell science such as stem cell development, surface markers, cell types, and different forms of stem cell therapy

- Cell source comparisons between autologous sources (from bone marrow and adipose tissue), and allogeneic sources such as birth tissue (umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, amniotic membrane, amniotic fluid, etc.)

- Importance of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and their mechanisms of action

- Published clinical evidence of >20 disease categories

- >300 clinical research articles/documents for trainees to take home, including detailed IV protocol, consent form, pre- and post-treatment recommendations, etc.

- Contraindications

- Advantages and disadvantages of different delivery routes

- Dosing considerations

- Effects of medications on cell therapy as well as other factors, such as hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy, infrared or light therapy, shockwave therapy, etc.

- Anti-aging benefits of stem cell therapy

- orthopedic, neurological, and sexual wellness applications

- trainees will receive training certificates from AAICT